Bust Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin – 3D Model


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    Product Description

    3D model Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich (bust). Model tested and optimized for 3D printing or CNC machines.

    File size 27.9 MB.

    Overall dimensions of the model: Height – 200 mm.

    According to Wikipedia: Russian poet, playwright and prose writer, who laid the foundations of the Russian realistic trend, critic and literary theorist, historian, publicist; one of the most authoritative literary figures of the first third of the 19th century.

    Where can a 3D model be applied?

    Firstly, this model was designed for a 3D printer. If you buy this 3D model, you can 3D print the downloaded file. The printed model can be useful for use in mock-up business or as a souvenir. Secondly, this model can be used for any CNC machine, because the principles of developing 3D models for a 3D printer and other CNC machines do not differ. Similarly, this model can be used for milling. Third, this model can be used to implement 3D modeling projects. For example, you can use this model in 3Ds MAX or similar software. In conclusion, I would like to point out that using our models you did not encounter mesh problems or similar problems.

    Checking the model.

    All models are quality tested for compliance with the requirements and internal regulations. First of all, polygonal mesh is completely sewn into the models. In addition, the model is one and does not allow for multiple constituent parts. The number of polygons is optimally matched to the features of the model. The model does not contain inverted normals. The model is scalable. Check the dimensions before using the model. After that, we use several professional programs to check the models: Netfabb, Materialize and Meshmixer. As a result, detailed verification allows our clients to use 3D models for any task without additional negative questions. We like to give only the best quality, because it is used for big projects!





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