Gift tree for the ABC of Taste

We have embodied the idea of ​​a collapsible tree, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

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The branches and the main skeleton are designed so that a minimum of material is spent on manufacturing. But the crown of the tree remained evenly lush in any section, and there were places for future apples on the branches.

The choice of the size of the base is due to the future stability, pleasant and understandable external perception of the overall concept. We chose the optimal ratio of the dimensions of the cube, taking into account the future cost of filling with resin.



When designing the apples, our team decided to follow the same concept as with the tree itself. Minimum material, maximum benefit.




Naturalness of form and individuality in color. As a basis, we took one of the most common, but not the cheapest varieties of apples - "Golden", emphasizing the status of the store and the quality of its products.

The priorities for apples remained the same as for wood: minimum material, maximum benefit.



The most important thing for us was not to overdo it with the ideal shape of the apple. If you make it without flaws, too correct and smooth, you will immediately notice notes of unnaturalness, which at first glance interferes with the correct perception of the store of your segment.


General form

We deliberately designed the branches in such a way that the arrangement of the apples on the branches practically did not change the appearance of the tree and its perception. Ultimately, we managed to achieve such a shape that the tree looks empty only if there are no apples at all. This can be traced from any side.


Our team decided that the color of the wood itself should definitely be made light, so we chose a silver, but not shiny color. In dark colors, this concept will lose its branch structure.

To preserve the image, the most important thing is to make the base and apples of a uniform uniform bright soft color, but with different shades. What will be darker and what will be lighter does not matter.

Form style

In our case, we already have a corporate identity, so we did not abandon this concept.
We add a pigment of color from the logo to the resin, and on the apples we put on the color of the corporate font. We get the finished product.


The wood was fabricated on a Picaso Pro 250 printer. Water-soluble supports were used to 3D print the prototype. After that, the roots were painted and the roots were poured into eposcid resin.

Large production

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