Repair of personal 3D printers

We offer you reliable and fast equipment repair service.

The most common breakdowns of a 3D printer:

The hot end does not heat up


3D printer bed does not heat up
Faults in feeding plastic to the extruder
Problems connecting SD card to 3D printer
Problems connecting the 3D printer to the computer
Malfunctions in the movement of the print unit
No Z-axis movement
Loss of print accuracy
Extruder is clogged
  • Missing part
  • In progress
  • Refurbished printer

Solving non-standard tasks

As an example, a repaired 3D printer that was missing parts. Some parts are simply nowhere to take or a long wait for delivery. It was decided to make spare parts from the printer.

The design and installation was completely carried out by our specialists. All work was agreed with the customer. The appropriate material was selected for the work.

Package of services:

In addition to repairing 3D printers we provide services for the assembly of 3D printers



Name of work Price
Diagnostics 21$
Replacing the nozzle from 5 $
Replacing the heater from 7 $
Replacing the thermistor from 71 $
Replacing the thermal barrier from 7 $
Replacing the Heating Unit from 9 $
Replacing the Printhead Fan from 5 $
Turbine replacement from 8 $
Display replacement from 15 $
Replacing the main board from 22 $
Flashing from 15 $
Replacing the extruder from 15 $
Replacing the power supply from 22 $
Replacing the stepper motor from 22 $
Replacing the stepper motor driver from 5 $
Calibrating the bed from 8 $
Replacing the bed from 22 $
Limit switch replacement from 8 $
Lubrication of the guides 5 $
Replacing the Teflon tube 2 $
Replacing the power button 5 $
Replacing the fuse 2 $
Changing belts from 15 $
Replacing shafts from 22 $
Rail replacement from 22 $
Assembling the KIT 290 $
Commissioning 150 $
Tensioning the belts and checking all bolts from 8 $
Замена вентиляторов не в ПГ from 5 $
Replacing electrical wires Individually 
Printer upgrade Individually
Assembly to order Individually