3D scanning

Transfer of the form of a physical object to electronic form.

Perhaps you urgently need to find some item that is absent in modern production or that you have in a single copy. Modern 3D scanning technologies allow you to create a solid model of an object both in STL format and suitable for editing in CAD. The solution to this situation is 3D scanning.

3D scanning is a non-contact technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using laser lines.
A so-called "point cloud" of data from the surface of an object is created, the exact size and shape of a physical object is recorded in a computer form as a digital three-dimensional representation.

In this case, both small parts and products are measured, as well as cars and even entire architectural structures. The specific cost of each scan is calculated on an individual basis and depends on the technology, scanning accuracy, object size and the need for our specialists to visit.

Rendered types of work:

Point cloud

Of f physical object turned into a polygonal surface from many points.

Reverse engineering

Converting a point cloud into a three-dimensional model in STP, STEP, DXF, IGS format.

Dimension control

Checking deviations by superimposing two or more surfaces.

RangeVision Spectrum

Equipped with industrial cameras with 3.1 mpx resolution. The customizable work area allows the Spectrum to be used for both jewelry scanning and car digitizing.

Point cloud

Spectrum is equipped with two industrial grade 3.1 mpx cameras. Combined with advanced algorithms for collecting geometry information, it provides an accuracy of up to 0.07 in the minimum scan area.

Reading complex shapes

The presence of two industrial cameras facilitate the process of capturing the geometry of the object and make the data processing more stable. Therefore RangeVision is perfect for digitizing surfaces of complex objects.


Fast scan


The file obtained in the course of 10-minute 3D scanning, without surface leveling and processing of "holes"

from 43 USD

Detailed study


A geometrically simple object, with medium detail, the largest dimension up to 150 mm and filled "holes"

from 60 USD

High precision scanning


Scanning a small mold with the largest dimension 600mm

from 90 USD

3D scanning of the car and its parts

Passenger car interior

from 720 USD

Car body

from 720 USD

3D scanning of the car and its parts


from 60 USD


from 115 USD


from 60 USD


from 115 USD


from 90 USD


from 90 USD

On-site work


Minimum checkout order

from 215 USD

On-site work is carried out if the object for 3D scanning cannot be brought to our office

How we scanned the car