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Surface Area: cm2
Model Weight: g
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x x cm
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Number of Shapes:
Total Path: cm

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Black, 5% Carbon Fiber
Black, 12% Glass Fiber
Black, 8% Glass Fiber
Black Polypropylene, 30% Glass Fiber
Black, 30% Glass Fiber
30% Glass Fiber
10% Glass Fiber
4% Glass Fiber
  • Description

    Product Description

    View 3D models Online STP STL STEP OBJ.

    Required to open 3D models in a browser.

    The maximum file size is 50 MB.

    Quick guide:

    1. Drag your 3D model into the empty field.
    2. In the “Scale” tab you can see the dimensions of your model and select the scale.
    3. The “Details” tab provides detailed information about the loaded object.
    4. You can place an order for 3D printing. Detailed instructions and conditions for placing an order for 3D printing are presented on the main page.

    What is a 3D Model?

    3D graphics – a section of computer graphics devoted to methods of creating images or videos by modeling objects in three dimensions. A large number of different programs are used to create 3D models. Different programs imply different formats when creating a file that contains the result of the activities of a designer, artist, architect, etc.

    To view models, it is not always convenient to download one or another software for opening and viewing a 3D model file. That is why we have made a tool for online viewing of 3D models through a web interface. We’ve added support for most formats to make the viewing experience as convenient as possible. View 3D models Online STP, STL, STEP, OBJ and other formats. The whole list of formats: .stl, .obj, .stp, .step, .igs, .iges. Batch download available via zip archive.

    The use of different formats arises from the fact that there are two types of models: polygonal and solid. During the model development process, different areas require specific model creation requirements, which are found in the creation tools. Such tools require a very large production capacity and take up a lot of hard disk space. Although for viewing such requirements are useless. Although viewing 3D models is necessary at all stages: familiarization, agreement, approval, visualization, etc. That is why we have made this free tool for you.


    In this guide, we will tell you how to order 3D printing to order, because you’re on the page of an automatic 3D printing cost estimate with the opportunity of placing an order. Please check your model carefully in the viewing window. Check whether your model meets the requirement in the INSTRUCTIONS section! If you didn’t find the required material or color in the automatic estimate system, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have it!  We can find the material for your task on an individual basis manually. If you require additional machining or painting, please write to 3dprint@studia3d.com additionally.

    How to place a 3D printing order using the system?

    1. Upload a 3D model.

    Models are kept on our within 10 days from the moment of uploading. The required 3D format: .stl, .obj, .stp, .step, .igs, .iges,. It’s preferable to avoid Cyrillic characters in the model name. If you need to upload a few 3D models at a time, you need to upload a .zip with them. Pay attention to the fact that if you upload a few models at a time, the cost per batch can be reduced due to the full load of the 3D printer chamber. The model should meet the polygonal net requirements. Otherwise, the software will automatically try to repair the model, but there’s a chance that the model might be distorted. The maximum weight of a here-dimensional model is 50 Mbytes. The models of greater weight are calculated manually. If your 3D model weights more than 50 Mbytes, you need to send it to 3dprint@studia3d.com.

    2. Choose a 3D printer, material and parameters.

    Every material has its cost. If you find it difficult to choose the material or you didn’t find the required material in the list of materials represented, you need to consult our specialists in the chat. Please note if your model doesn’t fit in the working area of the chosen 3D printer, you can break it down and after printing gather it from its components. The estimate is made inclusive of support material, which is included in the cost of three-dimensional printing. To ensure the rational estimate of the cost place the models in the working area of 3D-printer correctly.  Make sure to specify the infill percentage. This is one of the most important parameters affecting both the cost and the strength of the finished product.

    3. Get the estimate of 3D printing.

    Please, be aware that the estimate is considered preliminary! The cost may change slightly. If this is the case, you’ll get the corresponding notification on the email you specified when placing the order. Although these situations are rare, we cannot but notify you thereof in advance. The order can be paid with a bank card and billing for a legal entity. If the system cannot automatically estimate the cost, you’ll see the form of cost request. As soon as our specialist estimates your model manually, you’ll get a message to your email.

    5. Place the order and wait until it’s ready.

    When the payment is made, your 3D models are sent to production to our technologists who after checking the models choose the optimal technology for obtaining the item, required printing modes and post-printing treatment. The result of the technologist’s work is the development of the monitoring program for a 3D printer and making a plan for the production of your project, where your order lines up. When it is time for manufacturing, 3D printer operators put your items into printing and ensure that the technology is right. After manufacturing, treatment and packing, your order is waiting for you in our office, a delivery point or is sent with a courier.

    Attention! Performance time: no more than 15 business days according to order placement terms. As a rule, the order is delivered in 3-4 days. Read more about 3D print speed.

    Place a 3D printing order on the go

    Use digital production with your smartphone! The app makes it possible to view 3D models, polygonal net characteristics and place a 3D printing order on the go!  How to order 3D printing using a smartphone …

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