Как мы осуществляем крупногабаритную 3D-печать

How we carry out large-scale 3D printing

Крупногабаритная 3D-печать

Work process

Our main task in this project was to print a part with a diameter of 400mm and a height of 800mm. We divided the object into several parts, which we glued together immediately after 3D printing.


Print options

To print a product of this size, we used a high-precision 3D printer Prism PRO V2. The parameters we used to create the part:

Working space size - Ø400x800 mm
Minimum layer thickness - 0.05 mm
Travel speed up to - 150 mm / s



We work with Prism PRO V2 3D printer

When a client comes to Studia3D who wants to print a part larger than 20x20cm, we work with Prism.

We get high printing speed without loss of quality, which is extremely important in any project.



Prism Pro V2

This hero of 3D printing allows us to carry out our projects in a short time and at the lowest cost. It is with such requests that customers come to us.

Prism Pro V2 allows you to print both layouts and functional parts.

Large production

Own equipment for 3D printing!

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