Studia3D Aggregator

Studia3D.com - multi-platform online 3D printing service with integrated automatic checkout system. It combines the functions of a marketplace and a system for distributing orders between contractors.

Project activity  - the production activity of the company primarily aimed at fulfilling commercial orders in its own production. Rich experience in the field of 3D printing and high engineering qualifications allow us not only to implement complex projects, but also to improve our own service and always be at the center of technology development events. 

Software development of automated systems and applications - the company's activities aimed at attracting customers by providing free services for convenient interaction with 3D technologies. We have the competence in software development in the field of 3D technology.


Company's mission

The 3D technology market is developing at an incredible pace! Every day we are fighting to make 3D technologies available to everyone!

History of development

March 2020

Launch of Studia3D Aggregator. The first Aggregator in the field of 3D printing.

December 2019

Launch of the Studia3D Viewer mobile application.

August 2019

Launch of the free STP to STL model converter.

April 2019

Launch of a free service for viewing 3D models.

January 2017

Launch of the Studia3D internet project. 3D printing service. Russia.

March 2014

Purchase of the first 3D printer. Start of activity.

Curious about the details?

Studia3D development path through the eyes of the creator