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ABS plastic 3D printing

A strong and very yielding to processing plastic, while it shrinks very much, especially in case of large-scale printing and with models, which have acute angles.

Be careful when choosing this material since the part can be different from the set parameters of the model.

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ABS plastic characteristics

liquidity index

2 g/10 min

Izod impact

31 kJ/m

Flexural modulus

2400 MPa

Elongation at break



1,04 g/cm

Charpy impact

180,14 kJ/m2

Tensile strength along layers

29,6 MPa

Tension modulus along layers

1,27 hPa

Bending resistance

65,4 MPa

Elasticity modulus at bending

2,14 hPa

Max. load on bending

103 N

Tensile strength across layers

19,7 MPa

Tension modulus across layers

2,34 hPa

Max. tensile strength

785 N

Compressive strength

49,3 MPa

Elasticity modulus on compression

1,71 hPa

Max. compressive load

5994 N

Tensile yield limit and at 23°С

52 MPa

Bending strength 2,8 mm/min 23°C

70 MPa

Rockwell hardness (R scale)  impact


Izod viscosity

25 kJ/m2

Oil-petrol-resistance (max. change of shape in 24 h)


oxygen index, %O2 according to GOST 21793-76


Ash weight percent according to GOST 15973

Less than 0,01%

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3D printing parameters

Nozzle temperature 220-240°C
Table temperature 90-110°C
Blow-off not recommended
Recommended adhesive glue The3D
Min. table diameter  0.1 mm


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