Due to the upcoming app update, Studia3D Viewer is not available in the App Store. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

App news

[11.07.2020] - v1.1.37 Update for Android with partially updated design.

[07.01.2020] - v1.1.17 App added to Google Play with new logic.

[06.01.2020] - the App is temporarily excluded from the AppStore and Google Play due to the upcoming update to v2.0.

[26.09.2019] - iPad app development Started

[18.07.2019] - Launch of the app for iOS and Android systems

[09.04.2019] - Open beta testing of the Studia3D Viewer app

[09.04.2019] — Studia3D Viewer Beta-testing is opened

App versions:

Version 4.0 [alfa]

New AR function.

Ability to view 3D models in AR mode.

Version 3.0 [alfa]

Integration of the Studia3D marketplace Integration of the Studia3D Aggregator system

Version 2.0 [beta]

The application is completely on the new backend server

Added translation into Russian and English
Updated user profile
Updated the screen a detailed view of the order
Updated the library screen
Updated the order
Added 3D-model preview
Added an auxiliary menu to the library screen
New design
Tablet and iPad support
Added Apple pay

Version 1.1 [21.07.2019]

Fixed a Bank card payment error.

Added support for the OBJ format.

Improved model viewing mode.

Version 1.0 [18.07.2019]

Release version. Application launch.

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