Due to the upcoming app update, Studia3D Viewer is not available in the App Store. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Studia3D Viewer App

An iOS and Android-based app for smartphones for viewing 3D models of stl .obj .stp formats and placing a 3D printing order.
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App news

[06.01.2020] — The app is excluded in AppStore and Google Play due to the upcoming update to v1.3.

[26.09.2019] — The development of an app for iPad starts

[18.07.2019] — The app launch for iOS and Android systems

[09.04.2019] — Studia3D Viewer Beta-testing is opened приложения

App versions:

Version 2.0 [alfa]

  • A new and intuitive interface.
  • Improved app operation speed.
  • A new functionality.
  • Version 1.3 [beta]

    • System upgrades. No new functions were added. 

Version 1.2 [1.08.2019]

  • .stp file opening bug is fixed.
  • General system upgrades. 

Version 1.1 [21.07.2019]

  • The bank card payment bug is fixed. 
  • OBJ format support is added.
  • The model viewing mode is improved.

Version 1.0 [18.07.2019]

  • A release version. App launch. 

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