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Making art objects with a big 3D printer

Our company carries out a full set of works on designing and manufacturing sculptures and art objects to order. The use of advanced technologies allows us not to limit our clients in sizes and cut the time in comparison to alternative types of production processes.


Designing the shape and calculating the load are carried out using special software.


3D printing quickly allows us to get any shape of the item.

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Large-scale 3D printing of art objects

Our sculptures and art objects are manufactured faster. Strength is more than that of concrete or metal analogs, however, the weight is less too. We work only with innovative materials.

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Изготовление скульптур

Complex shape printing

The Studia3D.com company repeatedly faced in practice manufacturing complex figures, for example, like this one. Three-dimensional printing technologies make it possible to "grow" objects, and thanks to post-treatment specialists the items have a perfect look.


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Turn-key end product 

We are the center of additive technologies. That's exactly why the specialists of various areas involved in the process of completing the orders daily work here. The best modelers, engineers, post-treatment shop specialists, painters, and logistics specialists ensure a high-quality, timely and technological solution to your task!

Materials We will select the material for your project.


In the course of the works, sometimes we resort to help and recommendations of specialists if the tasks the Studia3D.com team are faced with are beyond the scope of simple 3D printing and require expert estimates.

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In one of those cases, we needed the help of experienced sculptors to meet the client's demand in full and to exceed his expectations if possible. 

Comprehensive development for Sports Museum

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Combining technologies

 We are well aware that sometimes 3D printing technology alone is not enough to get the desired result. In such cases, we resort to the integration of various technologies.

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For example, when solving a case for manufacturing a robot for a children's shop, we installed a light panel into the helmet area. After such "intervention", our robot got not only the required shape but also started to fulfill the additional functions.

3D printing vs styrofoam?

What are the main advantages of 3D printing over the popular method of making art objects?

1. Production speed - you can still manage to close the project, even if the redline was yesterday.

2. Quality. We can betray various physical and chemical properties to plastics, impart “transparency”, or conduct light inside a figure.

3. Sustainability. Unlike polystyrene, our plastic does not spill - it is made by the best chemists in the world.


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Item strength

The wall thickness of the item in the photo is just 5 mm. Besides strength, the resistance of our materials to environmental exposure should be mentioned.

Withstands outdoors

The material resistance to weak chemical solutions, critical temperatures, wind, sand, moisture, etc.

Withstands load

The material ability to bear a great load. The technology allows getting full burning of layers.

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Item size

We can both segment the objects and make big items during a single installation!

Model segmenting

We print many items with small printers, having preliminarily segmented a 3D model. After 3D printing, we assemble your item by the method of coupling independent parts.

One-piece model

For one-piece 3D printing, we use large-scale 3D printers. The speed and performance of large-scale 3D printing allow manufacturing items in the shortest time possible.

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We take care of the safety of our products, especially in the case of long-distance transportation. We always provide a high-quality package for shipping.

For land transportation


For air transportation


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We not only organize delivery but also accompany the cargo all the way to the client.

Across Russia

We have our own truck transport, which can organize delivery withing Moscow and the nearest cities. In the case of shipping to the regions, we collaborate with transport companies.

To other countries

We use different delivery services to provide the client with the maximum comfort when waiting for the parcel.

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Assembly works

We provide a full range of services including delivery and assembling at the customer's address.

Chocolate Mistress Case

The Studia3D.com company delivered and installed two full-height figures, assembled birds art objects on the ceiling of a capital restaurant.

Ice Sculpture Park Case

We delivered 17 figures at a distance over 1700 km, assembled 16 suspended figures at a height of over 19 m and arranged power supply to the objects.

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