3D-печать макета

Development of mounting a hand movement sensor on virtual reality glasses

3D-печать макета

Order fastening structure

Our task was to develop and manufacture a structure for attaching the Leap Motion sensor to the HTC Vive virtual reality glasses.
Our designers have analyzed the body of the glasses and pre-drawn the mount structure.

3D-печать макета

Creating a 3D model

After coordinating all the details with the customer, we started scanning the surface of the glasses, which the future mount of the motion sensor should repeat.

After receiving the scan, the creation of a 3D model of the future fastening began with the help of 3DsMax program. The model takes into account the peculiarities of prototyping on a 3D printer.


3D-печать макета


After the model was approved by the customer, we made the mount using 3D printing and tested it directly on the glasses.

Testing of our attachment of the hand movement sensor to virtual reality glasses was successful and now the model is at the customer's place.

Large production

Own equipment for 3D printing!

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