3D printing for the auto and motorcycle industry

For the first time on an industrial scale!


3D scanning

Производим высокоточное 3D-сканирование любых деталей в том числе повреждённых с помощью современных технологий и оборудования. We perform high-precision 3D scanning of any parts ( including damaged ones) using modern technologies and equipment.

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Our highly qualified 3D modeling specialists will create any part of the interior or exterior of a car or motorcycle as well as tuning parts for subsequent printing.

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3D printing

We implement 3D printing of products from a large number of thermoplastics, composites and even metals!

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Large 3D printing

We work with thermoplastics, composites and metals. Large, precise and durable products in a short time. A task for 3D printing only.

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Vehicle scan

3D scanning of the sports car of Arkady Tsaregradtsev for further tuning

More about project

Services for:

1. Detailing Studios

3D printing and 3D scanning technologies make it possible to produce unique design elements: both with the interior and the exterior.

2. Tuning studios

Development and printing of original and unique tuning parts from various plastics, composites, polymers and metals.

3. Racing teams

Modern 3D technologies make it possible to achieve excellent results in the field of technical sports by facilitating and simplifying the production of units and structurally complex parts of racing cars and motorcycles.

4. Restoration workshops

Также будем рады помочь профессионала и энтузиастам с непростом деле восстановления и реставрации автомобилей и прочейтехники. We will also be happy to help professionals and enthusiasts with the difficult task of recovery and restoring cars and other equipment.

5. Service centres

With the help of 3D printing, you can carry out high-quality repairs of equipment by printing a missing, broken or lost part.

6. Car event agencies

Our range of 3D design and printing services will help you create any visual design of an automotive event in an original and quick way.

Why 3D Printing?

More and more happy motorcycle and car owners, body showrooms and parts stores are realizing that most of the plastic parts that make up every car and motorcycle can be made using a 3D printer.

  • Sport car

    3D scanning for tuning

  • Car sharing

    Scanning and production of enclosures

  • Spacers for LED fog lights

    For Lexus IS250

  • Spacer for radio

    Hiding gaps in a tuning car

  • Luggage compartment for MOTO

    Honda CBR 1000 RR motorcycle

  • Metal prongs

    For transmission of torque

  • Lost disc caps

    And we made a copy.

  • Motorcycle body

    Hinged elements for installing speakers!

  • Maybach

    3D scanning and 3D printing of the part

  • Housing

    3D printing and painting




3D models