Large-scale 3D printing

Any form in big performance!



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Different materials require a different approach to model designing.

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Wood, stone, fiberglass, carbon fiber!!!


Big-size 3D printing

During our work, we have gained vast experience in designing, estimating and manufacturing. We could distinguish for ourselves two types of large-scale item printing. 

Segmentation by parts

Simultaneous printing of the segments of one object with many 3D printers with the following coupling of parts and treatment.

Big 3D printing

The use of a huge 3D printer, which allows us to manufacture large-scale items in one running.

Segmentation by parts

The descriptive part of the segmented 3D printing technology by the example of one of the orders.

  • 3D printing of segments

    With the subsequent cold jointing

  • Filling and coating

    Surface preparation for painting

  • Painting process

    With matching the color palette according to RAL

  • End result

    2,5 m high

Large-scale printing

The descriptive part of the technology of manufacturing large objects with the use of large-scale 3D printer Colossus.

  • Manufacturing art objects

    Using different colors

  • Paintable items

    For post-treatment

  • Large layouts

    With different inserts

  • Big items

    Grown in one running

  • Figures and faces

    Extra realistic models

Materials and equipment

Depending on the task we can use different materials and equipment. To get strength some types are used, to get a beautiful visual effect - the others.

Equipment list...

Hardening metal frame

Metal frame by the example of one of the orders for manufacturing a decorative full-size chair based on the Game of Thrones series.

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Repeated studies have shown that large-sized 3D printing produces products with high strength, but very light in weight. That allows you to use this technology in unexpected places!

Special strength parameters can be obtained using various composites.