There are several programs for converting MRI or CT images into a 3d model. We use InVesalius to create a 3D model from .dcm images. This program is not only convenient and easy to use but also available for most platforms: Windows, Mac OS, etc. The program is free and open source.

After installing and opening the program, we get to the main menu. Where it is necessary to upload our original DICOM images.

We select our project and press the “open” button.

Waiting for the process of loading all images.

After uploading select our project and click on the “import” button.

If your computer does not have enough RAM the program will offer to reduce the original image resolution.

After import we will see a window with images of our tomography. In the second window, it will be necessary to adjust the areas that we want to transfer to the 3D model.

In the third window we need to create a new surface.

This surface will be the skeleton of our future model. We give it a name.

As you can see our three-dimensional model appeared in the lower right corner.

We just need to go to the fourth window and export the 3D surfaces.

Name the file and save it.

Let’s check the result in MeshMixer.

For those who find it difficult to perceive the text we attach a video to the article.