Order payment

Payment through UKassa. Payment for the order for individuals.

You can pay by credit card or electronic money. Payment is made through the service YuKassa... To do this, in the process of placing an order, you must select the item "УKassa"or request a link to payment through any means of communication with us. 

Payment via PayPal. Payment for the order for individuals and legal entities.

You can pay by credit card or make payment on behalf of your organization through payment system PayPal.

FONDY. Payment for the order for individuals.

Visa, Mastercard, Mir, e-wallets Google Pay, Apple Pay, Masterpass and Visa Checkout. Acceptance of all popular payment methods in one service: with Visa, Mastercard and any bank, through electronic wallets Google Pay and Apple Pay, or in cash through a payment terminal.

Payment for an order for legal entities in Russia.

You can pay by bank transfer after placing your order. When placing an order through automatic cost calculation system, an invoice without VAT is generated automatically and sent by e-mail. The order will be made and sent after the receipt of funds to our account. If for some reason you have not received an invoice for payment, send a letter with a request to 3dprint@studia3d.com with the order number in the subject line. You can pay by invoice with or without VAT. If you need to receive an invoice including VAT, you must send a request to 3dprint@studia3d.com with the order number in the subject line. You can get acquainted with the details of the company at separate page.


Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 20 pm
Weekends: upon prior request

You can pay with us through:



Order delivery

The terms of the order for 3D printing can be found here... The delivery time of the goods is from 1 to 5 days, depending on availability in the office or main warehouse... When placing an order, a list of the following types of delivery will be available to you:

1. Paid delivery by Studia3D.com. When choosing this type of delivery, we ourselves will select a courier service that will deliver the goods to you as quickly as possible. Now we are working with the following courier services: EMS Russian Post, CDEK, UPS, DHL. Upon receipt, you will not have to pay for anything. All that remains is to pick up the parcel from the courier, who will bring it to the address.

2. Delivery via Russian Post. When choosing this type of delivery, you pay for the order on the website excluding the cost of delivery. Your order is sent to the Russian Post. The goods will be delivered to the branch nearest to you. Upon receipt, you will need to pay the shipping cost. The shipping cost is formed based on the cost of the dispatch and packaging itself.

3. Pickup. From May 1, 2021, you can pick up your order by self-pickup at the address: Moscow, st. Shchelkovskoe shosse, 5, building 1. If the goods are not available at the pickup point, the order will be delivered to the pickup point from the warehouse on the day of ordering or the next day. Be sure to wait for the letter about the readiness of the assembly of your order. How to find us.

4. In the case of buying a virtual product, after completing the payment for the order, you will be sent an e-mail with a link to download the file. You can always find links to purchased virtual goods in your personal account

5. You can see other delivery methods and payment terms on the checkout page. Now available:

Почта России - доставка в отделение
OZON Rocket - до ближайшего пункта ozon
СДЭК - до ближайшего пункта выдачи
СБЕР ЛОГИСТИКА - до ближайшего офиса СБЕР
5POST - до ближайшего магазина Пятерочка
ПЭК - до ближайшего отделения
Деловые Линии - до адреса




It is carried out by delivery services and our own courier service. The calculation and registration of delivery takes place during the checkout process. 

Warranty and Disputes

What the warranty does not cover.

The warranty does not apply to custom products ordered through the automatic cost calculation system and placing an order, if this is not provided for by an additional contract or agreement. Products sold through an automatic system comply with GOST

Shop guarantee.

For all other items, you have a two-week store warranty.

Manufacturer's warranty.

The manufacturer's warranty applies to branded goods. If a manufacturing defect is found in the purchased product, you can apply for warranty repair both to our store and directly to the manufacturer. In case of entering our store, we ourselves will make diagnostics, work with the manufacturer and replace the goods in case of a defect.

Buyer's responsibility.

The purchase of virtual goods for the purpose of resale is prohibited. Studia3D is a registered trademark that maintains its own copyright.


13.11.2021We have disabled payment systems PayMaster, Net Pay, PayKeeper, RoboKassa due to the lack of the ability to work with multiple currencies. Added delivery method Ozon. 

13.11.2021 Added the following delivery services: SBER LOGISTICS, 5POST, PEK, Business Lines

28.12.2020 We connected the PayMaster payment system for the Russian market segment.

13.11.2020 We connected the ROBOKASSA payment system for the Russian market segment.

11.11.2020 We increase the cost of delivery. Unfortunately, we are forced to do this. Now the cost of delivery of orders in Russia will be 700 rubles. Self-pickup to St. Petersburg will be 400 rubles. Pickup from production in Moscow will remain free. Delivery within Europe will be 16,25 EURO. Shipping to the rest of the world will be $ 25.

09.11.2020 We return the payment method PayPall. At the same time, the PayPall payment system will not work in Russia and will not be available to customers located in Russia.

01.11.2020 The details for payment have changed Excluding VAT. Updated data is available at page with details.

18.08.2020 Now you can pay for orders including VAT. This became possible due to registration of a legal entity LLC "Additech" in Russia. How to request an invoice for payment with VAT, see the section "Order payment for legal entities in Russia".

31.07.2020 From July 31, 2020 PayPay stops working in Russia... In this regard, we are forced to disconnect this payment system from our store. Clients in Russia are our integral part. We are currently looking for a replacement for PayPall and will update the list of payment systems on our website shortly.

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