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Virtual reality

We are developing software for virtual reality glasses. We integrate your product into VR. We have extensive experience in working with 3D models and program code.


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Where is virtual reality applicable?

Development of projects in the environment virtual reality is necessary primarily where complete immersion in the process is required.


Professionals need constant training. The most efficient and accurate communication method. 


The most effective step in educational activities to practical lessons without leaving the classroom.


A wide range of tools for conducting preoperative practice, deep analysis and identification of the cause. 

Museums and Exhibitions

Better to see once than hear 1000 times. The broadest disclosure of the topic, full immersion in history.

Virtual reality in practice ...

We have our own park of equipment for the production of props required for the implementation of complex turnkey projects.


Application of sensors, additional systems for motion monitoring, control. Development of convenient integration systems. Ensuring full functioning. Dimension check, function check.


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Development of buildings, objects, structures and other props for the implementation of a complex project using virtual reality technologies. Design and development of 3D models of devices. Testing and checking usability. A ready-made project in relation to the realities.

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We work from 8 am to 17 pm on weekdays Moscow time.

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