The largest 3D printing in the world

From this article you will learn how the largest figures in the world were printed - we prepared a review of the project for the Cheryomushki market, within which three-dimensional printing of four five-meter figures will be executed

The idea and embodiment

The customer needed to make four figures of women personifying fertility and prosperity in order to revive the interior of the Moscow market. The design was developed jointly with the customer for each figure, however, in general, the concept was the same: Russian young ladies were holding fruits, vegetables and other food products.

The height of the figures is 5 meters. To give proper structural stability, a metal frame was built inside the model, the location of which is outlined in the figure on the left.

Durable PET-G was chosen as the printing material, but the printing itself, even of the broken parts of the figure, could be carried out at a normal pace only on the Belgian Colossus.

3D printing

The largest figures in the history of 3D printing were printed at the same level of 3D printer - Colossus Mark 2.

Step 1. 3D printing and post-processing

Step 2. Mounting

Just look at the scale!

Further updates are not yet available. The project is currently frozen because the main contractor has stopped funding.