3D printing master models for casting 3D figures


Casting 3D figures: how does it happen?

Let's start with what casting is.

According to GOST 3.1109-82: production of a workpiece or product from a liquid material by filling it with a cavity of specified shapes and sizes, followed by solidification.

The specialists of our company have extensive experience in casting technology and creating master models. Each order is calculated individually depending on the wishes of the customer.

Our main task is to prepare master models.

The master model is often a hand-made prototype of the future finished product from which the molds are subsequently removed for casting copies using various technologies.

We create a master model using 3D printing from plastic and other materials. In addition, we provide processing allowances and heat shrinkage.

Stages of work:

3D model creation

The customer provides a sample in the form of photographs or drawings.
Our team's designers draw the model in special programs, usually ZBrush or 3DsMax.

There is also such an option for creating a 3D model as scanning the part to be cast. After the necessary modifications, the model is sent to prepare for printing.

3D model preparation and printing

Printing a master model is a responsible process, so the print quality must be at its best! Optimal print settings are selected for maximum quality.


The mold is removed from the master model – now it is ready for different casting technologies and any materials.