3D printing to order a Silverlit – this was the request of the Toy House. We have already made art objects for the Children’s World, but this time the task was more difficult – it was necessary to add a luminous panel to make the robot “real”.



Modeling and segmentation was standard in this case. We printed with 0.8 nozzle with a layer height of 0.4 cm, wall thickness – 10 mm, coverage – 10%. Inside the figure remained hollow, with a total weight of about 22 kg.

We connected about 50 LEDs in parallel so that we can set up different modes of light movement.


When the customer approached us with the restoration of the art object (the robot’s arm was broken due to the desire of visitors to shake Silverlit’s hand), we installed a metal frame to strengthen the figure.

In total, we have made 4 Silverlit figures, which you can find in different parts of the Children’s World in Moscow. Learn more about 3d printing and art objects.