The process of creating this art object began with modeling. The very shape of the model was made by very cool designers. We made the thickness in the model using a special tool. 3 meters in length was the final size of the prefabricated structure.

After creating the model, we segmented the products. In total, there were 227 segments, which were later to form 8 final parts! After the prints, the finished pieces looked like this.

After the prints of the pieces, the models went to vacuum deposition of aluminum. Which later led to an incredible effect. Read more about spraying here.

The finished pieces were brought to the restaurant for installation. When we unpacked them, it looked like they were really made of metal. But we had to hang, assemble, connect an electrician. In total, the entire installation took 30 hours.

But the result was worth it. The art object looked unique. I have never seen anything like it. Pride!

The final adjustment and adjustment of the gaps took place a few weeks after installation. All cables and connections have been checked.