Christmas toys for decorating Christmas trees in GUM


From one of our favorite clients, the VDNKh administration, we received again an order to print layouts of the main entrance and several well-known pavilions – this time for New Year's toys decorating several Christmas trees in GUM. ?

In record time the models were finalized for the possibility of printing them in heights of 45 and 55 millimeters.

The layouts are printed, stripped of supporting elements and finalized. 32 models were sent to the customer around midnight. Each product is placed in a stunningly beautiful transparent ball which now adorns the New Year tree in GUM.

An unusual approach to decorating a Christmas tree, right? And how beautiful!

Print New Year!

Early in the morning our colleagues from VDNKh finished decorating a festive fir, 3D printing - this was the solution chosen for the main holiday of the year! P.S. We would like to thank our colleagues for the photographs and the formulation of such interesting and original task!