3D Printing of Atlanteans from Studia3D.com

We printed seventy "marble" Atlanteans in two days!


Printing 70 figurines per day

Atlanteans squared their shoulders and we did the impossible again! Friday evening - order, Tuesday morning - the last batch of 70 pieces of beautifully crafted 25 cm high figurines is ready to ship!

The finished figurines look like they were made of marble, there are no layers and seams of adhesions.


Material selection

Most of the figurines are printed in ABS plastic, some in PLA.

An equally important process is post-processing: glossing with acetone and a bath of methylene chloride. Produced depending on the type of plastic.


Use of Atlanteans

The statuettes, painted after 3D printing in gold, are used to decorate a luxurious gift box.

We thank the customer for an extraordinary task that must be completed in such a short time and for the provided photos of the finished product.

Large production

Own equipment for 3D printing!

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