Why is 3D printing cheaper than casting?


More and more manufacturing and other types of companies come to exactly this conclusion, calculating the costs of creating a technological chain for the production of certain products. Let us tell you more about such situations using the example of one of our orders - award statuettes for the Runet Prize, the cost of which we were able to reduce by 5 times!

As it was before ...

Previously, the customer received ready-made figurines as a result of the following process: mold making, casting itself, then milling, and then electroplating.

One-time model creation, printing of awards with appropriate filling and coverage - and several other representatives of the largest players in the Internet industry appreciated the benefits of using additive technologies.

Before and after!

We followed almost the same process, except for the method of obtaining the award form. The savings are due to the lower fixed cost — the molds are significantly more expensive than the G-code.