3D-печать макета горной местности из PLA

3D-printing of highlands layout

3D-печать макета

New project

The customer brought us a layout with a request to print the same but 4 times larger! The original model was made of plaster, 35 cm long.

In addition to the original layout, the customer provided us with 3D scans of the terrain obtained using topographic survey. We later used them in print.

3D-печать макета горной местности из PLA

Material selection

We calculated the cost of an order made of plaster 70 cm long but the price did not suit the customer.

Then an alternative was proposed - to make a model from PLA plastic and paint. Thanks to this method of manufacturing and painting, the model has acquired a more realistic look than the original plaster.

3D-печать макета горной местности из PLA

Work process

The painting with a hand airbrush was performed at such a high level that all shadows and reliefs were visible on the model!

18 pieces were printed and glued together. We printed with PLA-plastic because thanks to paint and varnish, water and air access to the model is closed, and it will be intact for a long time.

Large production

Own equipment for 3D printing!

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