Model of a medical institution using 3D printing


Final result


Model of a medical institution. Time for making a model - 3 days. During this time it was necessary to model, print, paint and assemble the layout.
To meet the deadline, we offered the customer to replace the painting with a plastics color palette.

Project work

The outer frame was brown, the walls were white, and the roof was printed in gray PLA.
A removable roof is provided for a visual demonstration of the building layout.

The complexity of this model is in assembling and gluing it, you need to do almost jewelry work!


It was not easy, but our employee Hrayr coped brilliantly! The customer was pleased and promised to contact us again!

P.S. The secret of this layout is that the building consists of former garage boxes. And if you pay attention, the outer walls have a brick-like structure. This was achieved thanks to the correctly selected printing parameters and the location of the models on the table of the 3D printer.