Four made of plastic


In our work we often encounter a situation where clients believe that 3D printing is the manufacture of figures from multi-colored plaster ... But you know that this is not the case!


A client, an organizer of popular quests, called us with a request to make 4 scans of a person. The same guy was scanned four times in different images. The work lasted about 2 hours. Then the figures were printed and sent for painting.

Why, you ask, did the customer not make a plaster figure? We answer. Because their strength was important to him. Plaster figurines are very fragile and short-lived, and in quests it is very important to be a persistent soldier!


Final result

Do you know what is special about these figures? They contain a sensor inside themselves, which when brought to a special device is triggered and, for example, lights a lamp.

These are the magical figurines get!