The story of this project began with the development of design. The customer had a need to manufacture a housing for a laser depilation device. We turned to the designers who developed this miracle of technology!

3D Печать на заказ

As a result, the black color scheme was taken as a basis!

In addition, several variants of the handles were developed, which also needed to be made.

For printing, we have divided the body into several segments.

And after 3D printing, all the parts were connected together.

After painting, we finally saw the first outline of the hull.

However, in the initial form, the customer was not satisfied with the size and texture of the color surface. We’ve adjusted the dimensions and fixed some corners.

Right after fixing the model, we started reprinting!

After printing, a different painting technology was applied. The master did his best. The result is a body that is difficult to distinguish from injection molding. Factory quality!

If you have a need for the production of enclosures, visit a separate page.