Layout of an architectural object – is a fairly frequent request that clients make to our 3D printing studio. However, it was not a simple request to make a model for further presentation as an exhibition sample.

The task of this arena layout was to test the behavior of the object under changing external conditions. After manufacturing, sensors were installed on the product, and the entire final structure was placed in a wind tunnel where various wind and other weather conditions were subsequently simulated. Thus, the loads on the planned object were determined.


Our engineers did not see any extraordinary and complex tasks in printing the layout but the preparation of the model for 3D printing was complicated by the original source of the customer – the Revit model.


A little about printing:

– Material: Relax by Rec3D.

– Printing time: on 7 printers – 2 days.

– Nozzle: 0.4 mm.

– Layer height: 0.2mm

We always pay close attention to the process of packaging and transportation of manufactured products, so the model was neatly packed in a box and protected from possible damage.


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