Where to see objects made in Studia3D?

On this page, we have placed a map indicating the places where you will be able to view the objects made by us in free walking mode.

Objects made on a 3D printer by the Studia3D team.

Sorting is specified according to the date when objects were opened.



7. Art object for a bar in the Depot
Art objects for interior design

Bar "Depot"
2020 г.

6. Head for restaurant (5 PCs)
Art objects in the interior

Geisha Superman Bar
2020 г.

5. Sculptures of women (4 PCs.)
Height 5 meters

Cheryomushinsky market

4. Reception Desk
Size 3х3 meters

Ruart Foundatoin

3. Sports Museum
"Park of the ice sculptures"

Olympic facility "Iceberg"
2019 г.

2. Fountain "Angels"

Concrete figures

Spirituality Park
2019 г.

1. Shapes for a restaurant
Height 1.7 meters

WABI SABI on the barricade
2018 г.