3D printer services – what can be printed using additive technologies? The story of this order begins with the desire of the Toy house to bring into reality several key characters from cartoons, one of which was the transformer Tobot.


The work began with processing the 3D model and preparing it for printing. The model, to put it mildly, was not prepared – there were flaws that our specialists had to correct.


After preparing the model, we proceeded to segmentation – the figure 170 cm in height and 100 cm in width had to be divided into parts, the printing of which took 2 days on 10 Picaso Designer XL 3D printers.

Print options:
Nozzle: 0.8 cm
Layer height: 0.4 cm
Wall: 10 mm
Infill: 10%


After printing all the parts, we proceeded to assembly, processing and painting. The final figure was delivered to the customer and installed in the sales area.


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