Ordering the production of a model on a 3D printer in Studia3D is the most convenient and fastest way to turn an idea into a real object. Today we will tell you about printing a product for the Soyuz Layout.

In this case, the customer contacted us due to the difficulties in implementing a 3D model with alternative types of technologies. Learn more about layout.

The main task within the framework of the implementation of this project was to prepare the model for 3D printing: the model was not included in the printing area and assumed a large amount of supporting material. Therefore, a decision was made to segment the model and print on multiple 3D printers. Detailed video about segmentation:

Choice of technologists and print parameters:

  • 3D Printer: Ender 3 V2
  • Nozzle: 0.8
  • Material: Relax by REC3D

Final result: