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Our task

The layout was implemented by the 3D modeling studio Studia3D. The task was to design and print a mock-up of a crane for filling large big bags in Thailand - this is a flexible container, which is a modern and most practical type of container for transporting bulk, lumpy, packaged materials and liquids.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of this model is very simple: the white cylinder is the big bag itself, which is attached to the crane and moved to the green stand.
It contains a pipe leading to the collector. As soon as the big bag is above it, it is cut open and the contents are poured into the tube.


Work process

To implement this layout, PLA plastic and PICASO 3D Designer printers were used. The entire structure is driven by collector motors and gear elements.

It is worth noting that for smoother operation, all drive wheels and racks were carefully sanded.



As for electronics, Studia3D specialists opted for Iskra Mini microcontrollers and l239d drivers for the motor.

Convenience of control from the remote control is carried out using bluetooth technology.

Large production

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