Product printing

Our specialists have developed a model of the famous St. Petersburg stadium located on Krestovsky Island. At the moment, Gazprom Arena is the most expensive stadium in Russia.

PET-G from REC3D was chosen as the print material. This decision is justified by the fact that the domestic REC plastic is in perfect harmony with the Belgian Colossus - at the output we get incredible sintering of the layers, comparable, perhaps, to casting.

Vase Mode

The layout was printed on a Belgian Colossus printer with a 7 mm nozzle. The stadium was printed in Vase Mode - for this our specialists divided the model into “body” and “cover” in order to pass the requirements for printing in this mode.

The fate of the project

The fate of the object is still in question. Initially, the stadium was planned to become a part of the interior decor of the table from the dressing room of the Zenit sports club. However, the emotional behavior of our footballers while in the locker room changed the management's plans for the location of the facility, so now we are waiting for further news on the fate of our layout!

Large production

Own equipment for 3D printing!

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