Magnetic smartphone holder for Mercedes E class W213


Mercedes E class (W213, S213, C238) 2016-2020 year

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    Execution with other aqua print or painting on request is possible. The cost will depend on the type of painting, the number of colors and the complexity of the drawing. Send an individual request to

    Magnetic smartphone holder Mercedes E class W213 (W213, S213, C238) 2016-2020 model year. Phone holder with ventilation holes. Why is this the best holder? Firstly, it is attached directly to the center of the panel. Secondly, it fixes the phone tightly. Thirdly, the phone does not heat up as it is cooled from the air duct. In this case, the air flow is not blocked. And most importantly, a significant difference from other holders is that this one is attached directly to the panel. The analogs are mounted directly on the air duct grille. First of all, you need to understand that in the case of Mercedes, this type of fastening does not provide a rigid fixation, and when turning the phone dangles from side to side.

    What should be a smartphone holder?

    The smartphone holder should sit firmly and tightly, especially if you have a Mercedes, which can be in different situations. Magnet is the best solution for quick fixation and quick installation of your phone, for example, if you urgently need to get out of the car or urgently start moving when you got into it. The magnet is very powerful and will not allow the smartphone to fall or slide off while driving. The holder body is painted using the AQUA PRINT technology. A carbon-look paint is available as standard. We can make any drawing on request and perfectly fit the holder into the interior of your car. This product is covered by a 3-month warranty, because we are confident in the quality of the supplied product. If something happens to the product, you can exchange it for a similar or new one. Tested on personal experience of use, as we always put ourselves in the shoes of the buyer.

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