Any layout size!

Modern solution

Ditch plaster, cardboard and other outdated layout alternatives in favor of modern 3D printing technology.

We will make a layout of any complexity within "impossible" terms.

This solution will delight you with its wear resistance and durability.


3D printing technology has no competitors in terms of execution speed.


3D printing allows a step height of 16 microns.


Our models are made from durable plastics and resins.

3D printed layouts

You can order three-dimensional printing of models of cities, individual buildings, monuments and terrain reliefs from us.


Urban development companies


Layout of the White House

Batteries and LED strip are installed in the model. It looks just gorgeous. The use of this technology allows you to get such a layout within 4 days.

We work with model workshops throughout Russia so the final cycle of such work is packaging and shipping to the client.

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Production of the layout of the Gazprom Arena for the sports club "Zenith"

Our experts have developed a model of the famous St. Petersburg stadium located on Krestovsky Island. At the moment, Gazprom Arena is the most expensive stadium in Russia.

The mockup was made of transparent Pet-G plastic. Subsequently, the 3D-printed stadium took its place inside the table located in the dressing room of the Zenit football club.

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3D printing of the layout "Astana"

The model of Astana city was made for the 20th anniversary of the city. The project was prepared without project documentation, completely projected using publicly available maps and satellite imagery. The design was carried out in parallel by several specialists, having previously divided the territory into several conditional zones.

Individual objects - such as a mosque, a stadium, large high-rise buildings - are made in high detail and elaboration. The model was assembled in record time - in 1 month, and delivered and installed in Moscow in one of the pavilions of VDNKh.

Customer: Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation

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How we printed the Makhachkala port

An order was received for modeling and production of a model of the Makhachkala port based on sketches. Since the customer's models were not adapted for 3D printing, it was necessary to re-model all buildings, ships and structures.

As a result, all elements of the future layout were completed in 3 days and sent to the customer.

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3D printing of PLA highlands mockup

In addition to the original layout, the customer provided us with 3D scans of the terrain obtained using topographic survey. We later used them in print.

We calculated the cost of an order made of gypsum 70 cm long but the price did not suit the customer.
Then an alternative was proposed - to make a model from PLA plastic and paint.

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Medical facility layout

Time for making a model - 3 days. During this time, it was necessary to model, print, paint and assemble the layout. To meet the deadline, we offered the customer to replace the painting with a plastic color palette.

The outer frame was brown, the walls were white, and the roof was printed in gray PLA. A removable roof is provided for a visual demonstration of the building layout.

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3D printing and prototyping on the example of VDNKh

For the theme of the Biennale "Reporting from the Front", our country presented the project V.D.N.H. URBAN PHENOMENON.

It was decided to make a volumetric model of the VDNKh complex. The requirements for the contractor were very serious: difficult order in 10 days. The only company to agree to this task was Studia3D's 3D printing workshop.

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3D printing of a model of a historical monument

Studia3D received an order to model and print a model of the fountain. The situation was complicated by the fact that there was no place to get a prototype for modeling so the designers created a model from photographs on the Internet.

This monument reminds us that war is unnecessary and that children should live on a land free from bloodshed!

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