Custom metal 3D printing

To order metal 3D printing you need to send us a request to:



1. Aluminum*

2. Titan

3. Stainless steel

4. Heat-resisting steel

* Available for order in the online automatic cost estimation system.


Available for online order!!!

Aluminum surface quality

The aluminum 3D printing cost includes cleaning off the support material and sandblast finish. Surface roughness Ra10., the maximum deviations of size are within DIN ISO 2768-mK (min +- 0,3 mm). Additional mechanical treatment is available.

ASP-45 material produced by RUSAL (AlSi10Mg). Certificate of quality.

Stainless steel

Available for online order!!!

Stainless steel

The cost of 3D steel printing includes cleaning of the support material and sandblasting. Surface roughness - Ra10., maximum dimensional deviations are within DIN ISO 2768-mK (min. + - 0.3 mm). Additional machining is possible on a five-axis milling machine.

Material 316L. Characteristics.

Facilities for metal 3D printing:

Manufacturer: SLM Solutions
Material: metal powders
Technology: SLM
Camera size 280х280х365 mm
Laser: 700 W
Layer thickness: 20—75 µm
Building speed: to 55 cm3/h
Min. element thickness: 150 µm
  • Before sending a 3D model the following aspects should be taken into account:
  1. No errors in a 3D model and compliance with 3D printing requirements.
  2. Item size should not exceed 275*275*330 mm.

  3. Closed cavities for extracting unused powder are not allowed.

  4. The diameter of a single opening to the cavity should be at least 5 mm.

  5. The minimal guaranteed thickness of element wall – 1 mm (if the thickness is less, consulting a technologist is required)

  6. In case of horizontal round openings an allowance should be made for mechanical treatment.
  7. The elements the size of which is 100 times less than the size of any other (thin-walled and needle-like elements) are not allowed.

  8. To check 3D model optimization to the minimal number of supports.
  9. To check the extractability of support material from the model. 

The best solution for checking 3D models for compliance with requirements for 3D printing with different materials!

You can download NetFabb on the official site of AutoDesk. Check other software↗


The cost of each part is estimated inclusive of the process of cleaning off the support material and sandblast finish. In case of specific requirements for a part, it's necessary to consult with a Studia3D specialist.

When estimating a complex order cost, a discount for the total work scope will be made.

Work examples