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25.10.2021/3/XNUMX - StudiaXNUMXD Aggregator  

  • Minor fixes and improvements

13.10.2021/3/XNUMX - StudiaXNUMXD Aggregator  

  • Improved calculation accuracy for AnyCubic Mono X 3D printer
  • Updated the engine for calculating FDM printing from Cura 15.04 to Cura 3.4
  • Changed the logic for managing parameters
  • Have added Frontend panel for sellers
  • Added the ability to determine currency from location
  • Removed error 500 for some users
  • Added the ability to ask a question to the seller
  • Added the ability to evaluate the seller
  • Added the ability to translate the site into many languages ​​using AI
  • PayMaster, Net Pay, PayKeeper, RoboKassa disabled due to the lack of the ability to work with multiple currencies
  • Changed the menu for managing material selection in the calculator
  • Speed ​​up the site through optimization code
  • General CSS fixes
  • Added support for delivery services (OZON Rocket, CDEK, SBER LOGISTICS, 5POST, PEC, Business Lines)
  • Added Apple iMessages as a communication channel
  • Added a subdomain for fast loading on mobile devices

04.10.2021/3/XNUMX - StudiaXNUMXD Converter  

  • Fixed the algorithm for loading and unloading a file
  • Updating CSS styles
  • Fixed the error of the inability to open the converter page for some users

15.08.2021/3/XNUMX - StudiaXNUMXD Aggregator  

  • Studia3D Viewer and Studia3D Calculator services are integrated into Studia3D Aggregator
  • Release of API for the subsequent possibility of creating your own applications from the sellers of the site

15.08.2021/3/XNUMX - StudiaXNUMXD Aggregator  

  • Added the ability to publish 3D models for sale
  • Added multilanguage
  • Added the ability to work with multiple currencies

15.06.2021/3/XNUMX - StudiaXNUMXD Aggregator  

  • Added the ability to bulk load goods into the system

03.2021/3/XNUMX - StudiaXNUMXD Aggregator  

  • Initial system startup

12.2019 - Studia3D Viewer App  

  • Initial system launch on Android

08.2019/3/XNUMX - StudiaXNUMXD Converter  

  • Initial system startup

04.2019 - Studia3D Viewer  

  • Initial system startup

06.2018 - Studia3D Calculator 

  • Initial system startup