Making layouts on a 3D printer

We made a model for the workshop in 6 days!

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A model workshop approached us with the task of quickly and efficiently printing many complex and small elements, so it was not possible to use traditional types of production processes.

For different parts of the layout, materials were specially selected depending on the 3D printing technology. We used PG-plastic using FDM technology on a Picaso printer, photopolymer resin using SLA technology on FormLabs Form 2 and FormLabs Form 3 printers.

Project details

The difficulty of this project for us was that the customer sent poor quality 3D models, so we could not start printing right away.

We were engaged in the complete preparation of models for printing in accordance with the requirements that are presented on our website.




Work process

The thicknesses were selected individually for this project, the polygonal mesh was closed, the scale was checked.

After we printed the details, the post-processing was done by the customer himself - the model workshop.

Large production

Own equipment for 3D printing!

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