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Polyamide 3D printing

The key feature of polyamide 3D printing is getting complex shapes without the need for designing support material. In addition to a complex shape, the polyamide parts made with a 3D printer are strong enough.

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Polyamide 12 (РА12) is a polydodecanamide consisting of 12 carbon atoms and a product of polymerization of ω-dodecalaktam or laurolaktam in an aqueous medium with the use of acid catalysts.


Thanks to the raw powdered condition, the material gets a matte and pleasant texture after printing. 


The strongest non-metal parts obtained as a result of 3D printing are made exactly from this material.

EOS PA2200 material properties

Density g/cm3 0.85
Mean particle size 60 µm
Particle size range 20-80 µm
Melting temperature 182оС
Shore hardness 88
Break-down point 45 MPa
Ultimate tensile stress 1700 MPa
Tension modulus 48 MPa
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