Plastic for 3D printer
by Studia3D!

Original PET-G and PET-G V0 (non-flammable) - plastics for 3D printers using FDM technology. Certified!

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Materials are perfect for any fire safety test

The materials do not have hazardous vapors even in direct contact with fire!

Safe for use on children, students and educational institutions!

Flame retardant PET-G V0 by Studia3D

The perfect combination of mechanical performance and the safe use of 3D printing technology in the operation of products.

At the heart of the plastic is the proven PET-G, making 3D printing incredibly easy! No shrinkage, no delamination, no cracks!

High accuracy

The material is very easy to use because PET-G is the backbone of the material. 


When exposed to direct fire, it does not support combustion and does not have secretions hazardous to health.

For work

Has strength comparable to ABS plastic. It prints just like PLA.

For training

Great for educational institutions as it has a fire safety certificate.


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  1. Does not support combustion

    Self-extinguishing in the absence of flame. 

  2. Non-toxic

    Does not emit substances harmful to health in the fire.

  3. Safe

    Ideal for office and educational use. 

Studia3D Filament PET-G V0 to wholesalers

up to 10 pcs. 3300 RUB / pcs.
from 10 to 20 pcs. 3100 RUB / pcs.
from 20 to 50 pcs. 2900 RUB / pcs. 
from 50 pcs.  2700 RUB / pcs. 

Studia3D Filament PET-G V0 GF to wholesalers

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from 10 to 20 pcs.  Soon ...
from 20 to 50 pcs.  Soon ...
from 50 pcs.  Soon ...

Studia3D Printer

We work every day to make the 3D printing process as simple as possible. Therefore, we are in the development of a 3D printer that will be an excellent base for our materials!

Coming Soon₽ 50 000 RUB