Rent of 3D printers

Master additive technology without investing in equipment, utilities, personnel, and raw materials. Studia3D.com offers you a service for renting 3D printers in Moscow.

Who is it for?

Renting a 3D printer is a service scheme for printing equipment, in which the Client does not buy equipment, but purchases the result of his work - a printing service. This scheme allows you to reduce direct and indirect costs of office printing from 20% to 40%.

If you are in doubt about the need to rent 3D equipment, we will help you with the choice.

Before the purchase

You have a need to test expensive equipment in production in order to make the right choice of further purchase. Testing the equipment in real conditions will give you an accurate estimate of the payback of the equipment and help to identify the risks...

You will also be able to determine the 3D printing technology required for your production and calculate the elapsed time. The service of renting 3D printers will contribute to making a confident and correct choice in favor of the most suitable equipment.

Force Majeure

You are faced with the task of printing yet there is no need to purchase expensive equipment. Probably, there was a malfunction in your own production and an urgent replacement of the 3D machine is necessary.

Object of study

Do you want to study the process of 3D printing or you need this equipment for display or use at an event, forum. Perhaps this type of equipment is needed to participate in your photo or video shooting.

Why is it worth contacting us?

Large equipment park

We employ over 100 3D printers in our production.

Extended capabilities

3D printing using FDM, DLP, SLA, SLS, MJP technologies.

Modern equipment

90% of the equipment we install is new.

No limits

Our contract can be terminated at any time.

Professional catalog of 3D-printers

Personal 3D Printer Catalog

We are always online

Are you interested in additive technology but still in doubt? Do you want to try a 3D printer at work and justify the need to purchase it? Or do you want to buy a higher-end 3D printer but want to try it out first? Our company is ready to help you. Contact our operator in any of the forms convenient for you on the site, and we will answer you as soon as possible.



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