3D printing as a small-scale production

Three-dimensional printing technology allows you to produce small and medium-sized batches of products in a short time.

There is no need to make a mold for casting, which saves Your time.

Excellent repeatability. All products will be as a carbon copy. Undoubted advantage.

Excellent correlation of the size. Selection of the necessary material and technology.

3D printing as a small-scale production

Along with the use of 3D printing for the production of souvenirs or creating prototypes, one of the main application fields of this technology is the production of functional working parts in a small series. As an example, here is a photo of one of the orders.

3D printing of a small series of signs.

It is very difficult to get similar types of production due to the timing and quantity - that is how we characterize this order.

We got an order for 300 pieces of signs, made a plan and finished the order in a month.

3D-печать семидесяти "мраморных" атлантов за двое суток!

3D printing of seventy "marble" models of Atlantes in two days

Atlas shrugged and we did the impossible yet again! Friday evening - an order received. Tuesday morning - the order is ready to be shipped. 70 beautiful figures all 25 cm high and made as if they were made from marble!


3D printing and plastic molding to order

Our company received an order to print cases for microelectronics.

The size tolerances were very specific (especially those concerning the air ventilation holes, through which the microplate does not overheat). We suggested the customer to print a prototype from a photopolymer and make a "Master model" from the printed detail, and then cast the print run from polyurethane into a silicone mold.

3D printing of more than 12,000 protective plastic masks

Quarantine is not a reason to stop production, but it's an opportunity to set new records!

Cafes, restaurants and hospitals were in need of protective masks in large quantities. This urgent order was a piece of cake for our professionals - 30 items in a batch, 400 masks per day, more than 12.000 masks during the quarantine!