Studia3D Aggregator

3D printing aggregator - a marketplace for the sale of products from a 3D printer, 3D models,
3D printers, materials, etc.

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acquainted with the rules of work in the system

How to make money?

You can connect to the system and accept orders for 3D printing, put your 3D models on our site for sale, sell products made by 3D printing. We actively promote their ecosystem. The system allows you to make a profit on a daily basis. We are not limited to one city or country! We work all over the world!

3D printing orders

3D Printing Aggregator system Studia3D distributes orders based on location.

Ecosystem Studia3D

Sale of 3D models

3D printing service customers and third-party customers buy 3D models. Do you want yours to be sold?

Model Store

Sale of products

You can sell not only 3D models, but also printed products from them! It's great!

Product Store

Sale of 3D printers

Looking to get into 3D printing? Buy a professional 3D printer now!

3D printers shop

Sale of materials

You can immediately buy consumables for 3D printing from us.

Filaments shop

Sale of components

You can buy spare parts for a 3D printer in our store! Right now!

Components shop

Get involved and make money!

You can earn up to 80% of the order value. We have a transparent system of charging funds for orders. You can accurately calculate how much you earn.


80% of the cost for 3D printing calculated in our Online calculator goes directly to the contractor along with the order.


10% of the cost goes to pay taxes in the country where the order was accepted. An average rate of 10% has been charged for taxes.


Our earnings, expenses on an advertising campaign, expenses on system maintenance and updates amount to 10%.

How it works?

Customers all over the world need 3D printing. When it becomes necessary to order a product, they find our platform and place an order. Orders are distributed among users in accordance with several criteria:

Criteria for the distribution of orders for 3D printing.

Applications are distributed among users of the system according to the following criteria:


If several users have the ordered 3D printer and technology, then the one who is closest to the client is the first to receive the order.

Workload of neighbors

If the next user is loaded and cannot complete the order faster than a week, then the order is transferred to the next one by location.

Our presentation about the project

for detailed familiarization with the system

Only the best technology to attract customers!

3D printing - the system automatically distributes orders for 3D printing between connected counterparties. When distributing, the system relies on filters: location, congestion, availability of necessary equipment.

Marketplace - when connected to the system, sellers can publish various products, 3D-models, supplies, printers or products for sale on the site.

Studia3D Calculator

The system of automatic cost calculation and placing an order for 3D printing.

Studia3D Mobile Viewer

Application for smartphones based on iOS and Android, supporting all the functions of WEB services, including viewing models, ordering 3D printing and an online store.

Studia3D WEB Viewer

Viewing 3D models in a browser without additional software on a PC.

Studia3D Converter

3D format converter from STP to STL.


Your customers can place an order directly on their smartphone!

Through the Studia3D Viewer smartphone application based on the available iOS and Android systems, your customers can view models in .stl .obj .stp format and immediately place orders for 3D printing.

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Already connected

After checking the counterparty, all the points of 3D printing fall on the map, where the client can see and select a specific contractor to complete the order.

View 3D printing points on a map

New customers are waiting for you

You don’t lose anything, but only gain new customer acquisition channel.

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