Development and support

Creating and developing web platforms, sites, mobile apps, systems for management, voting, control, distribution, and others.

Wide experience and a long time of existence allowed us to build a huge team of development professionals.


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We are engaged in software development

Programming in different languages for different tasks. A staffed team of developers and programmers is ready to start implementing your project. Drawing up technical specifications, working out a technological map of development, implementing a code. Fast terms, instant feedback. We provide comprehensive support for the website and IT services of the company. Maintenance and consulting.

We work with individuals and legal entities. Payment for individual entrepreneurs or LLC, including VAT.

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Website development and support

Development means both creation on the basis of existing CMS and writing a website.

Development of applications for smartphones

We develop applications for iOS and Android operating systems.

Connection of online stores to marketplaces

OZON, Yandex.Market, Wildberries, Google Shopping and others.

Development of programs and plugins

We write code for various platformers, programs, plugins, systems, etc.

Advertising and promotion

SEO analysis, targeted advertising, contextual advertising, setting etc.

Website development and promotion

We work with various CMS systems. We set up and support the work of online stores. We offer the following services for you:

1. Website for services
2. Online store
3. IOS mobile app development
4. Android mobile app development
5. Development of programs and plugins


1. Support and promotion
2. Setting up mailing lists
3. Setting up auto-dialing by customer base
4. Setting up contextual advertising in search engines
5. Setting up targeted social media ads
6. Setting up YouTube ads
7. Bitrix24 setup
8. Setting up 1C
9. Setting up IP telephony
10. SMS messaging setup

Application and program development

Development of applications and programs to order for operating systems iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, Windows. Application support.

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Advertising and promotion

Increase your sales with us. We set up advertising and move your products to the TOP. It is possible to conduct an advertising campaign for your business on an ongoing basis!

SEO promotion

We will bring your site to the TOP queries in the search engines Yandex and Google. Help to linger in positions.

Contextual advertising

We will set up advertising in Yandex and Google search engines in advertising blocks. Banners and media networks.

Targeted advertising

Sell and receive orders on social media. Set up an advertisement with us for your product.


Connecting products to marketplaces

We will bring your products to various sales platforms. You can work through our store or through your warehouse.

Google Shopping

Advertise your products on all sites from Google.


Sell products through Amazon's huge warehouse network.


Publishing your services and products on the AliExpress platform!


Launch your online store on OZON with us.


Send goods to the largest WildBerries marketplace with us.


Publish products and increase sales with us on Yandex.Market!

Setting up payment systems and acquiring

Development of plugins and programs

Need to add and configure a new feature to your website or app? Then you have come to the right place! We develop and integrate plugins, add-ons, filters, systems!

The automatic 3D printing order cost estimate and placement.

The system allows you to choose parameters and place a 3D printing order using the browser.

You can check the system here...

Free viewing of 3D models in the browser.

The system makes it possible to view 3D models of stl, obj, stp, step formats. It's possible to upload a few objects at the same time using a zip-archive.

You can check the system here...


A fast and convenient 3D model converter from .stp to .stl.

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Development tips and instructions

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Studia3D developments in the area of
3D printing

Developing and uniting the projects of third-party developers we created a few systems for working with 3D models.

An app for smartphones - Studia3D Viewer

The app makes it possible to view .stl .obj .stp 3D models with your smartphone. Displaying polygonal net characteristics and the possibility of placing a 3D printing order right on the go! You can get to know the app here...

App version...


3D printing aggregator

Do you have a 3D printer? You can connect to our system and fulfill 3D printing orders with your facilities.

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