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Model specifications:

Volume: sm3
Surface area: sm2
Model dimensions:
x x cm
Number of polygons:
Number of figures:
Common path: cm

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Black, 5% Carbon Fiber
Black Polypropylene, 30% Glass Fiber
30% Glass Fiber
10% Glass Fiber
4% Glass Fiber
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  • Description

    General information

    In this guide, we will tell you how to order 3D printing to order, since you are on the page of the automatic pricing system with the ability to order 3D printing to order. Check your model carefully in the preview window. Check if the model meets the requirements in section INSTRUCTIONS! If you did not find the required material or color in the automatic calculation system, this does not mean that we do not have it! We can select the material for your task individually in manual mode. If you need additional machining or painting, please write to 3dprint@studia3d.com additionally. 

    How to order 3D printing through the system?

    1. Load the 3D model.

    Models are stored on our server for 30 days from the date of download. Required 3D model format: .stl, .obj, .stp, .step, .igs, .iges ,. The absence of the Cyrillic alphabet in the model name is desirable. If you need to load several 3D models at once, you need to load them in one .zip file. Please note that if you upload multiple models at the same time, the cost per batch can be reduced by completely filling the 3D printer chamber. Then check the model in the program Netfabb or similar. Model must match polygon mesh requirements... Otherwise, the program will try to cure the model in automatic mode, but there is a possibility that the model may be distorted. The maximum weight of a three-dimensional model is 50 megabytes. We calculate the models of higher weight manually. If your 50D model weighs more than 3 megabytes, you need to send it to us at zakaz@studiaXNUMXd.com.

    2. Select a 3D printer, material and options.

    Each material has its own cost. If there are difficulties with the choice of material or you did not find the necessary material in the list of submitted materials, it is necessary to consult with specialists in the chat. Please note that if your model does not fit completely into the dimensions of the working area of ​​the selected 3D printer, you can break it into parts, and after printing, assemble it from its component parts. The calculation is made taking into account supporting material, which is included in the cost of XNUMXD printing. To ensure a rational calculation of the cost position the models correctly in the working area of ​​the 3D printer. First of all, do not forget to indicate fill percentage... In other words, one of the most important parameters affecting both the cost and the strength of the product at the output.

    3. Get a cost estimate for 3D printing.

    Please note that the calculation is considered preliminary! The price may vary slightly. As a result of this situation, you will receive a corresponding notification to the e-mail address specified during the ordering process. And although such situations are very rare, we cannot fail to notify you in advance. Payment orders can be made either by credit card or by invoicing for a legal entity. If the system is unable to automatically calculate the cost, you will see a price request form. As soon as the specialist calculates the model manually, you will receive a message to your e-mail. 

    4. Place your order and wait for readiness.

    After paying for the order, your 3D models go to production for our technologists, who, after checking the models, select the optimal technology for obtaining the product, the necessary printing and post-printing modes. The result of the technologist's work is the preparation of a control program for a 3D printer and drawing up a production plan for the manufacture of your project, where your order is queued. After that comes the moment of making. 3D printer operators put your products into print and make sure that the technology is not violated. After manufacturing, processing and packaging, your order is awaiting at our office, pick-up point or leaves by courier. 

    Important! Deadline: is no more than 15 working days in accordance with terms of ordering... As a rule, the order is issued in 3-4 days. More details about the timing of production

    Place your order on the go

    Take advantage of digital production right from your smartphone! The application will allow you to view 3D models, polygonal mesh characteristics and place an order for 3D printing on the go! How to order 3D printing in the app ...

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