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    Formats: .stl, .obj, .stp, .step, .igs, .iges

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You can order 3D printing on your own using our online order system. You can ask clarifying questions on materials and equipment in the chat. 

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The materials we work with:


Various thermoplastics and composites


The best strength among metals 


The best detalization in a short timebest price!

Big-size 3D printing!

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"Only the use of the technology defines the 3D printers' and materials' vector of development. The possibilities are defined not only by equipment but the ability to program 3D printers correctly taking into account all the features of the technology."

Studia3D.com Manufacturing Manager


"Since 2014, we have been using the advanced technologies for high-quality implementation of your projects. A vast body of knowledge in 3D printing and extensive practical experience allow us to create unique things for you."
Dmitry Kamonichkin

Studia3D.com Founder


Ice figure 3D printing

Sports Museum in Sochi!

3D printing on TV

Zvezda channel!