Studia3D Parthership Program

You can earn money with us by advertising our products or services.

1. Referral program. If you bring us a partner who will recommend and advertise us, then both you and the partner will receive 10% percent of the sales amount for the recommendation. To attract more sales, we will also generate a promotional code for the end customer for a 10% discount.

2. Affiliate program. If you are a blogger, opinion leader or participant in the additive market, we suggest you advertise our products and services and get 10% of sales from your recommendation. As an additional incentive, we offer a promotional code for a 10% discount to the end customer.

3. Cooperation on a barter basis. The Studia3D team is actively engaged in filling and promoting the online store and the brand's own products. You can advertise us in exchange for products from our catalog.

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