Due to the upcoming app update, Studia3D Viewer is not available in the App Store. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Studia3D Viewer

We have made the process of interacting with new technologies more convenient ...

The app makes it possible to view 3D models, polygonal net characteristics, and place a 3D printing order on the go!

How to order 3D printing using a smartphone ...




Viewing 3D models with your smartphone is possible now 

The app supports the following 3D model formats: .stl, .stp, .obj





Checking the characteristics of your 3D model

You can control 3D model dimensions, volume, and area.





Store 3D models in your smartphone

All 3D models you need are always at hand





You can always ask a question

In the app, you can request a consultation if you have any questions.





Place 3D printing orders on the go

When the payment is made, 3D models are immediately sent to production! Keep track of the order status.

How to order 3D printing using a smartphone ...



Soon on tablets!

We have already started developing the application for the iPad and are working to create a new convenient interface for working on Android tablets.

Follow the development news on a separate page and be the first to use the best tool of the century!