3D-печать макета

Badges for belts of the new form of the National Guard


Clothes for Rosgvardia

Studia3D was approached by a customer who is engaged in sewing the National Guard's clothes for the production of plaques for officers participating in the parade.

The client provided us with samples of plaques which required multiple copies. After that a technical assignment was drawn up containing a number of special requirements.


Customer requirements

First of all, we need:
- transfer the eagle from a monolithic plaque to another;
- the accuracy of the eagle had to remain high;
- painting the finished product had to be done with wear-resistant paint to avoid scratches and chips;
- extremely short lead time


3D-печать макета

60 plaques on a 3D printer

Our team completed the 3D model in 20 hours. Photopolymer 3D printing from ABS Tough began next day. 60 copies were made.

After that, the eagles were glued to the base of the plaque and applied with a special military paint.
Final drying - and plaques are delivered in a record time!




Large production

Own equipment for 3D printing!

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