Extraordinary chess for Ren TV



We were approached by a fairly well-known TV channel RenTV with a request to make unusual chess sets for filming a video. The customer provided three-dimensional models that needed revision. As soon as we completed the first stage, we proceeded directly to preparing for printing.


Almost every piece has been split in two for the best quality. Printing was carried out on different machines, which influenced the speed of order execution. The parts were connected to each other by chemical diffusion - adhesion of two parts.

Then the talented Studia3D artists performed the post-processing: sanding and painting in bronze (with blackening) and silver.

A very important point from the technical assignment is the weighting of the figures – in order to avoid them “falling on their side”. We did a great job with this too, pouring lead shot and liquid plastic into specially left empty stands. In our opinion, it turned out to be "very cool", really very unusual chess)

Figures in action

And here they are: chic, modified, printed, processed, painted, used in a commercial for Ren TV with Anna Chapman and Igor Prokopenko. Beautiful and original!